I call myself a creative 'solutionist'. With my 17 years of experience in the advertising, design and digital industry, I have created a solid foundation for the work I execute. The more I learn, the more I apply logic towards effective communication. My core lies in design. And I have been able to support it with creative strategies, design thinking and technical skills resulting in optimum impact for brands. My understanding of data, personas and customer purchasing behaviour allows me to ideate personalised campaigns. I have worked on traditional and digital platforms for clients ranging from FMCG, Fashion, Institutions, Real Estate, Insurance to Water-Filters and many more. Managing creative teams, working on UI, delivering roadmap projects, directing 360º campaigns, developing proactive innovation ideas for brands, products & social causes, working on data led creativity and leveraging brand work are my main strengths powered by an in depth knowledge of graphic designing, printing, animation, films and photo-shoots.

 - Anshuman Majumdar